So why did I create ?

This blog is my personal opinion of what I think. The main goal of this site is to discuss the latest web hosting review, SEO news and provides WordPress how-tos. The opinions and recommendations expressed in this blog are based on my own experience and research I have done and do not represent any product owner.

This blog is made for example, provides a model to others and the most important thing is to share all my knowledge and experience with others. I am still a learner in the blogging world and at the same time, I want to share what I have learned to others.

I start this blog because I really like to help people. Most people forget that a good blog is actually about adding the value of lives to our readers and yourself. It’s not only about getting more fans, earning for extra money, traffic, and link to your blog. It is part of the process of blogging that allows you to improve yourself and at the same time helping others.

Here, I will give free tips, give an idea how to start your own online business and build a successful blog. I will share effective ways to get success in digital marketing and search engine marketing.

I was a part-time blogger from Malaysia. My real job is as an IT engineer and has over 8 years of experience. I started writing a blog to share what I have learned over time and my target for the future is blogging will become my profession to replace my current job. On average, I ‘ve earned about RM1k monthly just from blogging.

My Focuses

Blog – To outlines exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal blog

Web Hosting Review – To give honest ratings, review and to recommend web hosting providers

SEO – Search Engine Optimization tips to get better and achieve higher search engine rankings


In this blog there are affiliate links where I received a commission if you make a purchase through that link. However, rest assured that the review and my article is absolutely correct based on experience.