First Google Adsense Payment of 2013

google-adsense-logoGoogle AdSense is the most recommended way to make money among the internet bloggers. After my first payment on May 25 2011, i received 15 more payments from Google Adsense program. Latest payment that i received was on 24th January 2013 and had picked up on 5th February 2013. These are the summary of my Google Adsense income per year since 2011 to 2013.

Google Adsense income for Year 2011 = USD 780.39
Google Adsense income for Year 2012 = USD 1454.90
Google Adsense income for Year 2013 = USD 155.20 (January 2013)

From the above summary, it seems that my yearly income from Google adsense program had increased. I will try hard to write something useful so that i can get targeted visitors which i believed will improve my adsense revenue. My target for year 2013 is to earn more than USD 2000. I hope that i will inspired other Malaysian bloggers to earn money from blogging.

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