My First Google Adsense Payment Proof

After almost three years engaged in blogging and participating in Google Adsense, I finally received my first payment from Google Adsense. I have been a member since 2008 and the total balance at end of April 2011 which is my first payment was USD 144.53.

I actually gave up to join the Google Adsense in 2010 because it takes too long to reach USD100. But I realized that is because I have a very low blog traffic.

I have try to write as much as possible on my blog and now I have achieved more than USD 100. So how long until the next payment ?

Google Adsense Payment Proof Screenshot

Can you imagine how happy I am when it received the first payment from google adsense!


Why i show you my Google Adsense Payment screenshot ?

The answer is simple, this is to prove that we can make money from blog!!!!!! So what are you waiting, start a blog now. Dont wait until tomorrow.

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