Google Exact Match Domain Update Dropped Google Search Queries

Exact Match DomainMatt Cutts has confirmed via Tweet that Google will reduce exact match domain websites that offer low quality content in search results. Mat Cutts and his team use another search algorithm called exact match domain (EMD) update, just one day after rolling out 20th Panda algorithm update. This EMD update will prevent those affected websites get ranking well in Google Search Engine.

According to, an exact match domain name is NOT penalized by Google, but its influence on ranking has been reduced.

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What is actually exact match domain ?

EMD are those domains that use specific search term or keywords exactly as the domain name. Most of the webmasters that has exact match domains containing their targeted are not happy about this update.

I have one domain which effected by Google EMD update. I lost another 83% of my Google organic traffic from this update. My domain name is 2 years old and I have been penalized for using keywords “online radio streaming” in my domain name. However i still get traffics from returned visitors, bing and yahoo search engine.

Exact Match Domain

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