How to Add Free Feedjit Widget to WordPress Blog

feedjitFeedjit location widget is an cool widget for WordPress and Blogspot blog or static website.  Feedjit is a free live traffic Feed that lets you tracks your realtime visitors to your blog as they arrived from or left via and identifies what pages are visited. There are three plans that internet blogger can choose which are Feedjit Free, Feedjit Advanced and Feedjit Pro. You can get all those plan here. In this post, i will share how to add a Free Feedjit widget to WordPress blog.


Steps to Add Free Feedjit Widget to WordPress

1. Visit Feedjit website and select Free Live Traffic Feed.

2. Your will see default Feedjit widget setting. You can choose the default setting, but it is better you customize it and match it with your blog color and theme.

Feedjit Widget to WordPress

3. Select your color scheme or theme. You also can customize it to your preferred color.
Feedjit Widget to WordPress

4. For Self hosted wordpress Blog, select Other blog or Website.

Feedjit Widget to WordPress

5. You have the option whether to show where visitors came from or not. Click the check box to turn on this feature.
Feedjit Widget to WordPress

6. Adjust the widget width in pixels and adjust the number of visitors on Feedjit widget to shows. Default is 10 visitors which highly recommended.

7. When your customize is complete, clock Go proceed.

8. Copy the embedded code. You will paste this code to your self hosted blog.
Feedjit Widget to WordPress

9. Finally paste the code into your self hosted Worpress blog.


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