How to Buy Movie Ticket Online GSC Cinema in Malaysia

Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) is now offering e-Payment Ticketing System for those who joined as a member of the GSC. With this e-Payment Ticketing System, you can now easily buy movie tickets in front of your home notebook and pay online with just a few clicks and steps. It will be very useful to prevent you from getting stuck in a long line at the counter GSC Cinema. Follow these steps to start using the e-Payment Ticketing System to buy tickets online movie tickets, especially for citizens of Malaysia.

How to Buy Movie Ticket Online on GSC Cinema

1. Click JOIN to register. Fill in necessary information. It’s free to join.
2. Log-in to your email, then click on the link to confirm your registration.
3. Log-in to the GSC website using your registered Members User ID and Password.
4. At Showtimes & Ticketing, Select Cinema location, Movie Name and Show Date. Click check.
5. Select Show Time of your choice.
6. Pick your preferred seats from the screen.
7. Select Seats of your choice. Press next to continue.
8. Click the check box “I agree to terms & Conditions”. Press “Purchase” to continue.
9. At the e-payment page, select your preferred “payment mode”. You can select “Maybank2u” or “RHB eBanking” or any other available payment mode. Then click Pay.
10. Press “Confirm” to continue. You will be entered your preferred payment mode login page in order to proceed.
11.To print your ticket, click on the “E-PAYMENT HISTORY” then click “History”. Click on “Prints Tickets”.
12. You movie ticket will look like below. Enjoy!!

Note :  Alternatively you can refer to Official Guide from GSC websites.

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