How to Checks the Health and Configuration of DNS using IntoDNS

intoDNSThis post introduce you one useful URL to check the health and configuration of domain name system (DNS) and mail server. Once you’ve entered your domain, you will be provides the bugs and warning about your domain configuration, then it will provides suggestions to fix and improve your domain. This includes Domain NS records, SOA records, MX Records and A Record configuration testing.

IntoDNS – Checks the health and configuration and provides DNS report and mail servers report. And provides suggestions to fix and improve them, with references to protocols’ official documentation.

Example of the Report :

Category Status Test name Information
Parent Info Domain NS records Nameserver records returned by the parent servers   [‘’]   [TTL=172800]   [‘’]   [TTL=172800]   [‘’]   [TTL=172800]   [‘’]   [TTL=172800] was kind enough to give us that information.
Pass TLD Parent Check Good., the parent server I interrogated, has information for your TLD. This is a good thing as there are some other domain extensions like “” for example that are missing a direct check.
Pass Your nameservers are listed Good. The parent server has your nameservers listed. This is a must if you want to be found as anyone that does not know your DNS servers will first ask the parent nameservers.
Pass DNS Parent sent Glue Good. The parent nameserver sent GLUE, meaning he sent your nameservers as well as the IPs of your nameservers. Glue records are A records that are associated with NS records to provide “bootstrapping” information to the nameserver.(see RFC 1912 section 2.3)
Pass Nameservers A records Good. Every nameserver listed has A records. This is a must if you want to be found.
NS Info NS records from your nameservers NS records got from your nameservers listed at the parent NS  [‘’]   [TTL=345600]  [‘’]   [TTL=345600]  [‘’]   [TTL=345600]  [‘’]   [TTL=345600]

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