How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Having a Facebook fan page is an alternate way to promote, to advertise and to grow your business or organization. It is recommended to have a Facebook fan page instead of a Facebook personal page for your business. One of the main reason is Facebook fan page have unlimited number of fans count but personal Facebook profile page is only up to 5000.

As a quick tips, the first word in the title of your fan page is given the most weight and be given more attention by Google.

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This post will covered the easy steps to create a Facebook fan page. In order to create a Facebook fan page, you’ll need to login personal profile first.

Steps to Create a Facebook Fan Page

1. Click on the Create Page on the bottom of your page. Click if you can’t find it.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

2. Then select which category of your business. The available main category are Local business or place, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Brand or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community. You can select “Company, Organization, or Institution” if you unsure which you belong to. You can change it later.
Create a Facebook Fan Page

3. Enter you fan page name. Click the check box “I agree to Facebook pages Terms” and click “Get Started” button.
Create a Facebook Fan Page

4. Complete your basic information of your page. Add your Facebook fan page description and website.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

5. Upload your profile picture from your computer or import it from your website, click save photo and click next. If you want to leave your picture blank, click the “skip” button for now.

6. You can add your Page to your favorites to easily access it anytime.
Create a Facebook Fan Page

7. Decide wether you want to enable ads. If you choose to advertise on Facebook to raise awareness about your business and get more people to like your page, you’ll have to pay for it and provide your credit card information. You can “Skip” to move on.
Create a Facebook Fan Page

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