How to Start a Successful Blog with WordPress

Most people already have a blog, whether for personal or business use.

The use of blogs are becoming increasingly popular for anyone, especially for those who are interested in becoming an internet entrepreneur.

You may not be convinced to invest money for hosting, domain and wordpress theme because you do not fully understand the needs and technique, then you need to start a blog with the right guidance.

If you plan to create your own blog, but do not know where to start, then you are at the right place because I will explain each step you need to follow to create a blog.

Being a new blogger, you need guidance and only need to use the right strategy and do not go to the dark path that ended in failure.

My Journey to Become a Blogger

When I started my first blog in the last seven years, I really do not have much idea about blogs.

The intention of creating a blog is to try and share the view with friends on the Internet only.

Back in 2008 to 2010, I have been exchanging platform and web hosting services for a variety of technical issues such as the unsatisfactory performance of the server that causes a very slow performing web pages and my blogs was hacked by hackers who put their ads.

I create a blog without proper guidelines and goals.

In February 2011, I purchased two new domain names including and I have moved those two blogs to HostGator web hosting.

I decided to become serious about the blog in mid-2011 after I received the first payment of google adsense only after three years of placing ads on blogs.

I started to create more quality content and “howto” post and then buy some more new add on domains into my HostGator share hosting account.

I have made a lot of research on the internet, learn how to start a successful blog and how to run a it effectively.

For reference, I summed up the steps and resources below as a guide to anyone who wants to be a blogger.

So you want to learn how to start a successful blog ?

How to Start a Successful Blog with WordPress

1. Think about Niche

Take your time to research what topic you write about, it’s also called a niche.

Deciding on a niche of your blog may seem like a difficult step in the process of starting a blog. You should think about your core idea

Make sure you choose a niche that you really understand and easy for you to develop the content of the essay later.

Although not necessary to have a niche, but trust me, have a nice niche on the blog will helps.

What are you interested in ? Gaming ? Fishing ? Cooking ? As a parent ? As a working person ? What are you interested in and passionate ?

If it is, whatever it is, write about it. If not, then you must find your passion.

2. Choose a blogging platform

If compared to free blogging platforms, WordPress is highly recommended. However, there are plenty of free alternatives such as Blogspot, Tumblr and etc..

To look more professional, I suggest you start with a self-hosted site using It is because of the following reasons :

a) Some serious drawbacks to “free” site (tumblr and blogspot) that most people do not realize. Free blog hosting can shut down your blog at any time, without warning and no way to retrieve your content. Your efforts over the years would be lost and wasted.

b) Compared to free blogging platform, you will have full control in self hosted WordPress site as you use paid domain and paid web hosting service.

3. Set up Domain and Hosting

3.1. Register the domain name

You should do some research before you choose a domain name for your blog.

The domain name of your blog should be easy to remember, easy to spell, reflects your style, attitude, unique and it should give people an idea of what your site is about.

You might even choose to use your own name, like

I advise you to choose a creative but simple domain name.

You can choose to sign up a domain name where you buy your hosting package. For those who intend to have international traffic, I highly recommend Bluehost.

Bluehost with Starter and Plus plans offers free domain name for all new users for first year and free domain for lifetime for Business Pro plan.

Free for lifetime means that as long as you keep your hosting account with Bluehost, you will get the free domain registration and renewal.

Bluehost will keep renewing your domain name for as long as your buy hosting plan with them and you need not worry at all about renewing your domain.

For Malaysian blogger who want to host their blog in Malaysia, ServerFreak hosting is the best option. Read more for best Malaysia web hosting.

3.2. Buy Hosting – I Highly Recommend Bluehost Shared Hosting

As a new blogger who wanted to start, I suggest you to choose Bluehost hosting because they are one of the most reliable and affordable hosting solutions in the global market.

This is the most suitable option and I often suggest to someone that started a blog for the first time.

At the same time you can save costs because they offer a free domain name for lifetimes in Business Pro plan.

Meanwhile the free domain names registration is for the first year for the Starter and Plus plans.

Bluehost offers an affordable hosting for as low as $ 3.49 to $ 3.95 per month (depending on the promotion) when you sign up for 36 months.

You pre-Pay for all 36 months ahead, but if you decide to cancel at any time, they offer a money back guarantee.

So, if you have Bluehost for 12 months and decide to cancel the hosting, they will repay the remaining 24 month.

You really can not beat the value of money and excellent service with Bluehost.

Bluehost Shared Hosting is priced at 12, 24 , and 36 in month terms. Longer term you buy, the lower the monthly rate, which will save you money.

You can Click HERE to start buying your domain and sign up for hosting with Bluehost. I ‘ve prepared a guide and the steps below :

Bluehost #1 – Click-on the get started now button :

How to Start a Successful Blog

Bluehost #2 – Select a package :

How to Start a Successful Blog

Bluehost #3 – Enter new or existing domain :

How to Start a Successful Blog

Bluehost #4 – Provide your account information :

How to Start a Successful Blog

Bluehost #5 – Choose additional packages. You get the cheapest monthly rate by choosing 36 months . It is important to note that Bluehost charge you for the full 36 months in advance . You are prepaying for hosting. That is one reason they are able to offer great hosting at very small cost. They always have a money back guarantee, you can cancel at anytime. So you do not have to worry about losing your money. If the upfront cost is too much, you can always consider the pay packages of 12 months or 24 months. There are some other deals at the package information, that you can enter at your own discretion.

How to Start a Successful Blog

Bluehost #6 – Enter billing information. If you are agrees with the service agreement, and then click “Submit” to place your order and pay for your plan.

How to Start a Successful Blog

4. Installing WordPress

a. Log in to your Bluehost account.
b. Click install WordPress under Website section.

How to Start a Successful Blog


c. Proceed to enter the domain and complete the website information including the username. Note down the password.
d. Click “Install” button to finish.

Congratulations! You completed the tutorial on how to start a successful blog in WordPress with Bluehost. It is time to login to your WordPress blog and install the plugin and themes.

Bluehost – A short tutorial on how to start a successful blog with WordPress on your cPanel using Mojo Marketplace. Choose your website name, title, and user name. Themes can be purchased while the WordPress install or choose from a variety of themes for free.

Thanks for reading how to start a successful blog on bluehost hosting with WordPress Platform. You can read alternative guide to start a blog here.



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