ServerFreak vs Exabytes, their Most Popular Hosting Plan Review

If you want to have your own blog using WordPress, the first thing you should think about is what kind of topics you want to write? You are not encouraged to write a blog without planning or blindly.

Next, the most important thing is hosting. Hosting is where you will put your blog and then a choice of domain name so that your website will be accessible everywhere on the internet with the proper domain address.

The rest of this article will discuss the most popular hosting plan review from Serverfreak and Exabytes, the most reliable Malaysia web hosting companies.

Why most beginner or blogger like you need hosting review ?

This is because you need some advice and instead spend your time on research and reading in popular forums like and that often confuse you.

The good hosting review also will save you time and avoid you making the wrong decision.

The rest is your judgment to buy the one that suits your needs and budget.

You need to find a reliable hosting company that is stable, experienced and provide you an affordable web hosting plan.

Host your blog on a reliable web hosting is very important if you want to have a WordPress blog that is always online, safely run your online business and consistently generate your passive income while you spend the time with your lovely family. This is the dream of most full-time blogger in the world.

You must think where is the target reader of your blog is, in Malaysia or abroad? This will help you decide where the best location of your web server data centre.

If your traffic is mostly from Malaysia, ServerFreak and Exabytes are the best choice and reliable hosting in Malaysia so far.

If you have international traffic, you can host your WordPress blog at iPage, Hostgator or Bluehost.

If you choose Serverfreak or Exabytes, server performance is not much difference. Only plans and packages that distinguishes them.

Serverfreak is known for their best customer service and affordable hosting plan.

Have you ever heard of Exabytes before or bumped into advertising exabytes in any google Adwords or advertisements on facebook? It may be a well-known hosting company in Malaysia.

Exabytes is renowned for its marketing and advertising campaigns are very active when compare to other hosting companies, this makes them very popular in Malaysia.

If you want to setup a personal blog and want to use a self-hosted WordPress for your blog, Serverfreak and exabytes is the best choice for you.

Hosting plans or packages that are most popular in serverfreak and exabytes is Linux shared hosting and WordPress hosting. I want to share a review on their packages, which one is most popular among their clients .

ServerFreak vs Exabytes

There are two most popular hosting plan from serverfreak and two most popular hosting plan from exabytes. I will outline the details of each plan in the review below :

1. ServerFreak Linux Share Hosting

Semi-Pro Linux shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting plan in serverfreak. This will cost you RM299 per year.

For beginners, I would suggest you start with Value plan and cost you only RM 190 per year.

Both Semi-Pro and Value plan will give you 1 FREE Lifetime domain name.

The advantages if we compare to Exabytes Linux shared hosting as below :

  • Better customer service, fast response to any ticket.
  • 1 FREE Lifetime domain name.
  • Cheaper price

most popular hosting plan

2. Exabytes Linux Share Hosting

For Exabytes Linux share hosting, EBiz Gold and EBiz Gold unlimited are the most popular hosting plan.

The price for EBiz Gold is RM 399 Per Year(RM 422.94 per year with GST). Meanwhile for EBiz Gold unlimited plan, it will cost you about RM 449 Per Year(RM 475.94 per year with GST)

The advantages if we compare to Serverfreak Linux shared hosting as below :

  • More disk space for your website.
  • More bandwidth for your website.
  • More Add-on domain.

most popular hosting plan

3. ServerFreak WordPress Hosting

Serverfreak WordPress hosting plan is almost the same with server linux shared hosting plan in terms of bandwidth and the number of add-on domain. The difference is that you will use the server that is optimized for wordpress software alone and an additional 2GB of disk space and makes the total space become 12GB.

The advantages if we compare to Exabytes WordPress hosting as below :

  • Better customer service, fast response to any ticket.
  • 1 FREE Lifetime domain name.
  • Cheaper price.

most popular hosting plan

4. Exabytes WordPress Hosting

The most popular exabytes WordPress hosting is EBiz plus package that will cost you RM 269 Per Year(RM 284.14 per year with GST).

The advantages if we compare to Serverfreak WordPress hosting as below :

  • More disk space if you choose Ebiz Gold/Ebiz Gold Unlimited
  • More bandwidth if you choose Ebiz Gold/Ebiz Gold Unlimited
  • More Add-on domain
  • More free fordpress themes

most popular hosting plan


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