Top 10 Cheap Malaysia Web Hosting

Cheap Malaysia Web Hosting

Web hosting is an internet service for bloggers to host their web content. Web hosting server will allow the web content can be accessed anywhere on the Internet.

In a previous article, I have listed 5 webs hosting solution providers that are popular in Malaysia that offers a reasonable price.

Apart from them, there are still many webs hosting solution providers. They offer lower price and perfect for a blog that has low traffic and new bloggers. I categorize and consider them as the cheap Malaysia web hosting because the offer price under RM 200 a year.

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If your main blog visitors are from Malaysia, you will benefit from Malaysia web hosting. This is because most of the web servers are located in Malaysia. Most co-location in AIMS Data Centre.

Advantages of Malaysia web hosting to Malaysian bloggers/visitors/surfers :

1. Cheaper price and you do not have to worry about the effects of currency instability, whether it is up or down.
2. Easy to get phone call support during Malaysia office hours.
3. If the international internet connection is down, your website will still be accessible.
4. The location of the web server that is closer to the visitors. The server closer to the user means less hop network which means less latency.

Top 10 Cheap Malaysia Web Hosting

Ranking Hosting Starting Price Space / Month Bandwidth / Month
1 RM100 / Year from 3000MB from 25GB
2 RM39 / Year from 1000MB from 1000MB
3 RM190 / Year from 10GB from 50GB
4 RM90 / Year from 5GB from 35GB
5 RM80 / Year from 10GB from 50GB
6 RM9 / Year from 10MB from 10GB
7 RM68 / Year from 5GB from 50GB
8 RM99 / Year from 10GB from 100GB
9 RM6 / Month from 20GB Unlimited
10 RM63 / Year from 5GB Unlimited


Top 5 Cheap International Web Hosting

Based on my personal experience, it is recommended to hosting a web or blog using cheap international web hosting such as Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Justhost and Arvixe hosting. I would label hosting providers as ‘cheap web hosting’ categories only when they offer must be under $ 7 / month, with sufficient features. By characteristics sufficient, I mean hosting service that comes with features that correspond to the current market standard such for server speed, flexibility and reliability of the hosting provider.

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All web hosting in this page have been selected for their low cost while still providing the best value of service and technical support. It is perfect for those who want to start a blog. Upgrade packages can be made later if your blog gets more traffic.

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