What to Blog About – Choose your Blog Niche

What to Blog About

Selection of the appropriate niche blog is an important process to start a blog. To those who wish to start of a new blog, please do not write the content of the article at random topics. Also do not write a content on what you think in a particular time. Do not waste your time to write without any direction and without picking any specific niche. So before you start, think of what to blog about and then decide your blog niche.

Most new bloggers are very excited to see the success of the professional bloggers out there. Most of them write an article based on trends or the latest viral issues. They do not actually assess what they want to market and stressed in their article. They do not care whether their chosen topic is better rank of search engines. Do readers find and really need a topic that you write ?

Choosing the right niche and keyword researches is important if you want to start a blog. At the same time, assess your strength to better understand the skills that you have. Make sure it can be used to define and develop a topic that will be discussed later.

What to Blog About – What is Niche ?

There are various meaning of niche.

  • a job, activity, etc., that is very suitable for someone
  • the situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people
  • an environment that has all the things that a particular plant or animal needs in order to live
  • a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing
  • a distinct segment of a market.

What should we avoid ?

  • Do not write the content of the article at random topics. Write articles based on niches or topics.
  • Do not write less content, this will not rank better. Write at Least 300 words per article published.
  • Do not write articles for search engine. Instead, give some value to your readers.
  • Do not use too much stuffing keywords in your blog. This will cause your blog to be penalized by google search engine

Choose Niche – Do a Market Research for keywords

Usually when you do keyword research and thinking what to blog about, you will found keyword without any purchase (no CPC bids). But that is not the case. When you promote a particular niche, make sure you review and understand your niche well. It is essential that you evaluate and assess your strength before select any niches. You need to master the keywords on your targeting niches.

There is a niche product of a very good result but not converting well. Category topics or niche make the difference sometimes but the most important for a blog is the content of the article itself, does it brings value of the reader.

While thinking what to blog about and the content of articles in your chosen niche, the following questions must be answered. This is to research on what the readers want and to provide quality articles in getting high quality targeted traffic. High quality targeted traffic will convert the visitors to better sales.

  • Whom do you want to do business?
  • What you want to sell ?
  • Identifying the needs of prospective customers
  • What most searched keywords on search engines ?

A good niche has five qualities, according to Entrepreneur.com:

  • It takes you where you want to go — in other words, it conforms to your long-term vision.
  • Somebody else wants what you have — these will be your customers.
  • It’s carefully planned.
  • It’s one-of-a-kind, the “only game in town.”
  • It evolves, allowing you to develop different profit centers and still retain the core business, thus ensuring long-term success.

Examples of Niche Blog

To assist you in the selection of niche marketing blog, the following table shows some examples of successful and profitable blog. It can give you some ideas to start a blog niche and what to blog about.

[table id=4 /]

I hope that now you have an idea what to blog about and get some easy tips to choose the best niche for your blog and your business.

Credit photo : www.webseotrix.net

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