Why We Should Start a Blog Today

Start a Blog

Blogging is competitive and if you’re new to it, you may face a difficult challenge. Nowadays, anyone who wants to start an online business, needs a blog or a website is a certainty.

Blogging is a passion for me, and it is something I love to do since 2008. It’s not a job for me, because it is something that makes me feel complete and fill my spare time besides surfing the internet. Start a blog is a good idea for anyone with valuable information to be shared to all internet users.

So why write the first article on the blog is very important? For me there is good reason to start now; if you do not write your first article, then you’re not going to write a second article and the next you’re not going to write 100th article. According to the old adage that every journey begins with the first step is true. My advice, do not wait too long to start a blog. And it just might be one of the biggest regret of your life.

To make sure that this article is meant, at least for my good self, I will try to outline why I started this blog and why we should start a blog today, not tomorrow or next year.

Why We Should Start a Blog Today

1. Blogging Will Helped you Understand Yourself

Bloggers often write what comes to their mind. The problem is what is written is not understood and known in depth. Mostly things that they wrote to the blog will only be known in detail until they themselves read what they write. And after that they will start to improve the writings on their blog posts through new ideas and findings or results of the review. Your blog also allows you to establish yourself in your area of expertise. My conclusion, blogging or writing blog post can be an effective method of self discovery for everyone.

2. You will Become a Better Writer

One of the benefits of writing a blog I found is can help improve the way you write. The more you write, it will improve the overall delivery method and increase the use of grammar so that each article is easy to understand and follow by your loyal readers. It is a daily practice to improve the speed of thought, without us realizing we would be a good writer from time to time. Good writing will make the readers feel close to the writer and feel what was presented and suggest is true and can be trusted.

3. You Will Get New Friends

If you have quality content in the articles and very useful to readers and loyal blog visitors, it will encourage the readers to give some suggestions and comments in the comment section provided. They comment is likely to criticism or offer constructive suggestions or improvements to ensure that the article looks perfect. Those who provide comments are actually indirectly will be friends for us to exchange ideas if they regularly interact with us through blog commenting. From time to time, exchanging ideas via blog comment will make them and you will get to know each other even if never met and are in different countries. By establishing yourself in your niche, you will find that readers interested in your field. They may be prospective customers to the products that you promote on your blog.

4. You can Promote and Market any Product From Your Blog

You can market and promote your own products on your blog. You can also join any affiliate program and earn commissions from selling any product. You can write a review about a product and encourage people to make purchases. This is how most bloggers earn money from blog.

5. Share your Knowledge to Others

Blogs can be used as an example, provides a model to others and the most important thing is to share knowledge and experiences with others. In addition to studying and writing various tips and strategies – strategies that are relevant in your field, you will also share what you learn with others.

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